Data Governance:

Opplane’s Organic Data Governance strategy leverages the existing teams and resources within the organization as much as feasible. Typical governance practices require additional resourcing and money and create an organizational overhead of maintaining dedicated Governance teams. 

Instead, empower your employees without enforcing governance mandates. The foundation of Opplane’s Organic approach is based on the following principles:

  • Accountability

    Accountability needs to be established across the organization and not just confined to IT or Data teams. Internal Data advisors across departments can help establish this

  • Transparency & Discoverability

    Enable discovery of information, through glossaries and catalogs in an open and transparent way 

  • Workflow & Integration

    Manage governance processes by integrating it within existing enterprise workflows. Break down the data-silos 

  • Privacy-first mindset

    Embed Privacy by design across the data lifecycle

Our Approach

Opplane’s Organic Governance capability spans across Advisory to Cataloging, to DQ Tool implementations for successfully establishing the practice, and helping in the adoption enterprise-wide 

Our Partners

We have partnered with Collibra and BigId to enable the implementation of best-in-class Governance tools and processes for your organization 

Collibra Implementation

Our Collibra Certified Architects and Rangers can help with your Collibra implementation and support needs 

  • EDGE setup and integration capabilities
  • Collibra Data Quality installs and full operating model 
  • Collibra DQ to Collibra DIC integrations 
  • Workflow development & change management 
  • REST API integrations 
  • Operating and Metamodel setup 

BigID Implementation

At Opplane, we have Certified BigID specialists who can help you with all your BigID implementation needs

  • Tool installation and setup
  • Data Classification and information tagging
  • Data Catalog setup and understanding
  • Data Privacy, Data Quality, and other modular setups
  • Correlation Setup and analysis

Our Team

The Opplane family spans globally across the United States, Western Europe, and India and offers you both the flexibility and reliability you are looking for. Our flexible team is capable of building custom-built software – or- implementing the best tools on the market, such as Collibra and BigID. Our certified data governance experts successfully helped top fortune 500 companies accomplish their Data Governance, Privacy, and Data Strategy initiatives.

Our partners