Operational and Infrastructure Resilience

Creating a world-class infrastructure organization

Opplane guides organizations in implementing scalable and efficient data platforms, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures with modern data architecture.

Infrastructure Operations

Modernize to a Cost-optimized Architecture

Archaic architectures lead to increased costs, lack of visibility data, and limited ability to scale and launch new products. We help organizations improve their compute, storage, performance, and middleware capabilities as they prepare to migrate to next-generation data platforms.


We can help you assess your existing infrastructure and identify opportunities to optimize cost and scale.

  • Interviews with existing stakeholders
  • Discover opportunities for cost and performance optimization and automation.
  • Assess existing requirements for moving to the cloud or building a hybrid architecture.
  • Evaluate privacy and compliance implications.
  • Create a risk matrix and estimate operational impact.
  • Upsell infrastructure upgrades to higher management.


  • Review and provide revised architecture plans.
  • Provide ROI analysis. 
  • Target POC implementations. 
  • Tool selection. 
  • Phased implementation plan.  
  • Recommend process changes (for cloud asset creation).


  • Implement scalable architecture within the organization’s ecosystem: cloud, on-premises, hybrid, or edge.
  • Work with InfoSec to facilitate data migration as needed.
  • Implement IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code) for all cloud native deployments as a practice.

Monitoring and Logging

  • Implement monitoring and unified logging to optimize costs, improving the visibility of the infrastructure.
  • Provide precise cost monitoring and control dashboards.

Case Study

Opplane enabled faster, more efficient, and controllable infrastructure operations for a large financial data platform. Key results of this engagement include:

  • The InfraOps team can now deploy serverless infrastructure in a third of the time.
  • Customized compute resources to deliver twice the amount of data needed per data engineer through optimized compute.
  • Improvement of 93% in operational SLAs.
  • Reduction of more than 40% in IT operations expenses.

Data Platform

Implementing a Data Reservoir

Organizations that successfully create business value from their data outperform their peers. As a result, data lakes have become a critical component of a modern data management strategy.

Opplane has experience in helping organizations derive more value from their data by building data lakes with a secure layer of data privacy compliance.

  • Simplified data access across different functions.
  • Integrate data from multiple data sources.
  • Handle regulated data.
  • Setting up a self-service BI platform.
  • Platform architecture.
  • Tool selection.
  • Setting up a data platform for next-generation data products.
  • ML-driven predictive behavioral insights.

Tool agnostic selection assistance.

We have experience working with multiple data platform technologies.

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