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Opplane helps you ​unlock the value of data ​while building customer trust in the evolving ecosystem of ​connectivity and decentralization.

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We offer a wide range of data capabilities to help drive your business forward, including:

Data Governance

Opplane’s organic approach to data governance leverages your existing teams and resources, thereby reducing the overhead typically associated with legacy governance practices that require significant funding and dedicated teams.

Data Infrastructure

We have experience in implementing enterprise-level data lakes and warehouses for large-scale systems. Our world-class infrastructure operations team can help you automate, scale, and optimize your cloud footprint to increase efficiency and manage costs.

Data Quality

Transform data across your enterprise and maximize its value with our data quality solutions. We improve data integrity by eliminating errors and cleansing raw data, enabling organizations to make better decisions and drive business results.

Intelligent Apps

We can build new and connect existing data APIs for your end consumers and partners to interact with existing products, all in a secure, compliant-friendly protocol.

Data Privacy

Our embedded privacy solutions enable organizations to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other global privacy regulations while building trust with your customers.

ML-powered insights

Our Machine Learning algorithms can help you automate complex processes that would otherwise be difficult to implement or too resource-intensive and costly.

Data Science

Our data science practice team can work with your functional teams to drive use cases through hyper-segmentation and consumer behavior prediction.

Edge Connectivity

Apply new connectivity that works across wireless and wireline networks to handle the scale of the 5G device explosion that traditional MPLS, VPN, and SD-WAN can’t do.

Experienced leaders with a global presence

Opplane’s core leadership team consists of former PayPal executives who helped build the company’s data infrastructure in the early 2000s. They also developed PayPal’s regional data capabilities and global privacy platform over the past decade. These capabilities helped millions of PayPal merchants grow by providing actionable insights through a scalable data platform.

In addition to payments, Opplane’s management team has years of leadership experience in other fields and top organizations, including Cloudera, SoFi, Wells Fargo Gateway, Xerox Parc, and

Opplane is backed by prominent Silicon Valley investors and seasoned entrepreneurs.

We have teams in the U.S., Western Europe, and Southeast Asia.

We combine strategy, science, and security to build new-age products and services

With decades of cross-industry experience and some of the world’s best data scientists and engineers, you can expect world-class products and services from Opplane. We have helped Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups build disruptive products across multiple industries and geographies.

At Opplane, we believe that privacy and data security should be an integral part of an organization’s culture, not just a product feature. We proactively engage with our customers and users to ensure adequate data protection across all of our products and services.

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