Intelligence Driven by Data

Opplane helps you unlock the value of data in a rapidly changing world driven by artificial intelligence, connectivity, and regulation.

Data Geeks with a Passion for Solving Complex Data Problems in Innovative Ways

Our core team, comprising data scientists, product managers, data governance specialists, and cloud infrastructure experts, collaborates to tackle the most intricate data challenges our enterprise clients face, delivering innovative solutions.

Opplane’s Three Major Verticals

AI Platform for Banking and Fintech

AI platform at the intersection of data quality, explainability, and self-driving finance.


Seamless edge-to-cloud connectivity through multi-cloud connectivity solutions across wireless and wireline networks.

Data Governance and Modernization Solutions

A data modernization journey focused on data lineage, data cataloging, data quality, and data mesh.

Our Global Partners

Google Cloud

Our Global Partners

Google Cloud

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