About us

Leadership at Opplane

Our team is experienced in data modernization programs

We take pride in our team’s accomplished professionals, specializing in privacy management, banking, fintech, security, machine learning, risk management, and cloud infrastructure ensuring comprehensive solutions for data modernization initiatives.

Leadership Team Consists of:

  • Early PayPal leaders involved in building global data, merchant, and regulatory platforms & products.
  • Chief Architect from Cloudera & Seasoned Architects across GCP and AWS Cloud.
  • Several Data Governance specialists with experience in Data Mesh and Collibra Rangers.
  • Advanced Analytics professionals, from top global AI & Analytical firms, experienced in Financial Services, Retail and Supply Chain.
  • Head of Product from SOFI and Wells Fargo Gateway.
  • Founder of Apigee.
  • Early Incubator of Xerox Parc.

Our Team

Our team is Global

Spanning three continents, we have our offices in Silicon Valley (USA), Western Europe, India, and Singapore.

This geographic distribution brings several advantages, including access to diverse talent, a round-the-clock work cycle for support, and the ability to tailor solutions to regional markets.

With an international presence, we leverage our team’s expertise and maximize our ability to deliver exceptional results at scale.

Our craft

We help organizations evolve in their data transformation and digitization journey

Organizations today must navigate complex decisions around data re-platforming, governance, and privacy tools and practices while maximizing the value of their growing data pipeline.

Our focus is on partnering with organizations to help them answer some of these critical data and technology questions. With our domain knowledge and data expertise, we help our clients succeed in their transformation journey by providing end-to-end implementations.

We offer comprehensive solutions ranging from cloud-native platforms and data lakes to quality, privacy, and governance tools. We also specialize in using machine learning algorithms and advanced segmentation models to extract valuable customer insights.

Organizations benefit from an agile, modern data infrastructure and significantly improved customer experiences through personalization and insights.

Why work with Opplane?

Data Expertise

Deep knowledge and implementation experience in data governance, privacy, quality, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Fortune 500, High-Growth Startups, and Big Tech Clients

Our clients include leading financial services, big tech, and consumer brands, including Fortune 500 companies and privately held high-growth startups.

Lisbon and U.S.-based R&D and Engineering Teams

Our primary development center in Lisbon provides a prime location in Western Europe for easy access to the best data scientists and technologists and an optimal time zone for global service clients.

ISO 27002 and SOC 2

We protect our customers’ data and adhere to industry standards.

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