Connectivity Platform

Opplane provides a multi-cloud connectivity solution, offering seamless integration across wireless and wireline networks.

It ensures end-to-end visibility through a unified management portal.

Multi-Cloud Connectivity Challenges

The explosive growth of mobile devices has led to an unprecedented surge in data generation, necessitating a new connectivity approach. This approach must seamlessly integrate multi-cloud environments with wireless and wireline networks while being scalable to support tens of thousands of mobile workloads at the edge.

Distributed workloads

Complex interconnections between multiple clouds makes it harder to move workloads across clouds

Complex provisioning

Complex provisioning of network infrastructure requires a longer time to setup and troubleshoot.

Operational delays

Multiple service providers involved – operational delays, excessive costs and longer time-to-market

Security risks

Connectivity across the public clouds increases exposure to security vulnerabilities.

Network visibility

Lack of end-to-end network visibility makes it difficult to maintain SLAs and erodes customer trust.


Existing solutions cannot scale to support thousands of mobile workloads.

Our Solution

The concept of a ‘Borderless LAN’ offers numerous advantages, simplifying the networks of the future and facilitating the scalability needed for large-scale digital transformations. 

Wireless Network

  • Software-defined, IP-based routing across 5G/4G-LTE wireless cellular networks
  • Seamlessly operates across wireline networks
  • Delivers a LAN experience over the wireless WAN
  • Service-provider agnostic

Enhanced Network Availability​

  • Dedicated tunnel for carrying end-to-end traffic
  • Support for redundant connections via wired private/MPLS networks
  • Low latency edge network

Highly Scalable and Secure​

  • Supports over 10,000 edge and mobile endpoints
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • SASE/ZTNA integration
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