Our work at Opplane is guided and informed by our beliefs and unwavering commitment to excellence in customer experience with our products and services. 


We respect our colleagues, hold ourselves accountable, value relationships, and work with integrity and fairness.

The Opplane Principles

The way we work is guided by our beliefs and principles.

We have ease of communication and transparency.

We believe we are here to also learn from each other.

We create our path.

We believe collaborative and inclusive culture inspires.

“In an ever-changing environment such as this one, more so if we’re referring only to startups, it’s hard to find a stable workplace with camaraderie as a motto. 

Opplane offered me that, along with an ambitious vision shared by all of us, and ease of communication and transparency not found in many companies. So far I’ve had the most amazing experience here, and I feel I’ve grown professionally and personally a lot.”

Gil Neto, Software Developer

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