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Connecting Networks – Simple, Scalable, Seamless
Leveraging 5G and connecting billions of devices


The world we connect

Opplane’s intelligent connectivity is a powerful distributed network technology, combining route aggregator with Profile & Policy engine and intelligent Edge agents. Network connectivity like never before.

Route Aggregator

Opplane is rethinking routing. Our vision enables, cloud native, secure, scalable, low latency routing through the most direct path to edge applications running in the enterprises. Paving the path for new business opportunity and services for telecom and enterprises.

Edge Agent

The most seamless way to make branch offices across the world feel like they are in the same building. Our Approach edge agents of the network devices are considered a radical transformation for telco service operators. Within the OPPLANE implementation of the CoT ecosystem (Connectivity of Things) every device is connected to the Internet and exchanges vast amounts of data in real-time, facilitating the effective decision making at a local level.




Silicon Valley


A better way to network

Our vision enables you to manage, secure and offer low-latency routing through the most direct path to Edge applications running in the enterprise. Supporting real-time processing, paving the path for new business opportunities for connectivity services and vertical solutions.

  • Reduce Cost

  • Built for Carriers

  • Scalable

  • Virtual Solution

  • Zero Touch Config


Amazon Partner Network

Opplane currently works in industries that include global companies in

  • Datacenter Connectivity

  • Fintech

  • Hi-tech

  • Agg-Tech

Our Leadership

Opplane is comprised of a team of Silicon Valley veterans.

Our experience comes from some of the world’s top companies, such as Paypal, Cisco, IBM, Comcast, Xerox, Amazon, in the area of mobility, data center, data analytics, user experience, machine learning, and risk management.
We understand what it takes to build and deploy solutions to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies that directly touch end-users.
Opplane is backed by a proven team of investors with multiple successful exits.

Investor and Executive Team

Funded by highly successful Silicon Valley investor with multiple successful exitsto Cisco, Google, Redback and Juniper. Executive team includes Ex-CEO of Insight, early PayPal Global leader in data strategy & products, data engineering and data science and leaders from Cisco and Comcast.

Domain Experts

Heads of Product
Mobile Networks
Data Center technologies
Data Science
Compliance and Platform from:
Wells Fargo Gateway & Innovation Lab
Bank of Brazil