Enabling Discovery and Trust

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Opplane’s Collibra-certified experts can help you with any aspect of the Collibra Intelligence Cloud solution. Ask us how we can help you maximize user adoption, automate manual tasks, and make data easier to find and understand.

Power your data activities with these Collibra modules

Data Catalog

Easily find, understand, and access data across your many data sources, applications, and tools.

Data Lineage

Automatically chart the path of data as it moves, transforms, and serves its purpose within your data ecosystem.

Data Glossary

Curate, codify, and standardize your data insights with a comprehensive data glossary.

Collibra Protect

Discover, establish, and safeguard data across cloud platforms, all managed from a centralized hub.

Collibra Privacy

Centralize and automate workflows for collaborative privacy operations and global regulatory compliance.

Reference Data Management

Categorize and define datasets to enable seamless integration and informed decisions across databases.

Data Policy Management

Ensure smooth governance while meeting both internal and external regulatory requirements.

AI Data Governance

Improve scalability, comprehension, management, and security amidst technical debt and data growth by reducing manual management hurdles.

Edge Empowerment:

Bridging Data Access and Processing for Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud

Opplane streamlines the deployment and setup of Edge, a network of Linux servers carefully designed to access and process data close to its source, enabling effortless connectivity and contextual data processing within your environment. This seamless integration enables the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud to securely connect to both on-premises and cloud-based data sources through Edge, efficiently manage on-premises data source processing on the fly, and seamlessly deliver processed results back to the cloud.

Extend The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud:

Improve User Adoption and Ease of Use with Dynamic User Navigation

Enhance the experience of navigating and visualizing the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud platform through dashboards, views, and carefully designed customer experiences. Personalizing your persona-based navigation is vital to a successful program. Opplane can help point you in the right direction and share our expertise, as an organization’s culture most often drives data enablement and governance initiatives.

Automated processes, collaborative outcomes:

Eliminate Manual Tasks and Increase Collaboration with Collibra Workflows

Within the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, workflows enable the definition of process steps according to BPMN standards, guiding tasks from initiation to completion while assigning ownership to each step. These workflows ensure that users complete tasks in a carefully guided and monitored manner.

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