Modernizing Data Discoverability

Opplane’s Data Enablement With Collibra

Whether you are new to Collibra or looking to expand your existing deployments, let Opplane’s Collibra-certified experts help your organization excel. Opplane’s partnership with Collibra has allowed us to solidify our expertise and help organizations succeed with their Collibra initiatives.

Explore Opplane’s capabilities with these Collibra products

Collibra Intelligence Center

Built upon dynamic metadata, the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud ensures reliable data access across users, use cases, and sources, fostering crucial alignment that enhances informed decision-making. Boost efficiency, fuel innovation, and cut costs while mitigating risks through Collibra’s integrated data intelligence platform.

Collibra Data Quality

Navigating complex modern stacks can be challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining data quality. Fortunately, there is a solution: Collibra Data Quality. This tool monitors data quality and data pipeline reliability, enabling swift anomaly resolution and seamless data management.

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